U.S. Army soldiers conduct M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle live-fire qualification at Pabrade Training Area, Lithuania, August 2023. The demand for parts is up for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle according to Army officials, (Photo by US, Army Sgt., Cesar Salazar Jr.)


The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and U.S. Army leaders are discussing readiness issues on parts availability for depot-reparable equipment critical to re-supply in global ally partnering.

By Beth Reece, Defense Logistics Agency

Ninety percent supply availability equals 10 percent failure,” said Deputy Commanding General Lt. Gen. Chris Mohan, U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), during the Army/Defense Logistics Agency Day in Huntsville, Alabama this past July.

“The thing I would challenge us to do is really peel back the onion on that supply availability and make sure we’re not just tagging ourselves with a high number and high fiving,” Mohan said.

The recent daylong meeting allowed DLA and Army leaders to share details on the status of Army and defense working capital funds, as well as updates on topics like depot-level reparable contracting and delinquent deliveries.


DLA Director Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic echoed Mohan’s emphasis on readiness, adding that she and Gen. Charles Hamilton, AMC’s commanding general, had spoken about the need for additional contracting and obligation authorities to address readiness issues.

Skubic highlighted the agency’s effort to help the Army dispose of a vehicle fleet faster than normal, when there was a need to divest rapidly, as proof that together the two organizations can achieve what seems impossible.

“There’s probably no stronger logistics bond because of the breadth and scope of the Army around the globe and DLA’s critical support of you in accomplishing your missions,” she said.

Mohan said he sees no decrease in demands for his service, especially as it focuses on responsibilities to deliver capabilities to partners and allies. The need for parts for the M777 Howitzer, for example, is up 1,000 percent over the last year, he said. The demand is also up for parts for the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Items needed for aging weapons systems are often the hardest and most expensive to procure, and Marion Whicker, executive deputy to the AMC commanding general, said the Army and DLA must work together in pushing original equipment manufacturers to help find solutions.

Soldiers load a 155mm artillery round into an M777 Howitzer using a ramming staff during Exercise Northern Strike 23 at Camp Grayling, Michigan, August 2023. The Army says the need for M777 Howitzer parts is up 1,000 percent over the last year. (Photo by US. Army Staff Sgt. Nicholas Oposnow)

“We’ve just been letting the obsolescence issue fall onto our plates,” she said. “At a minimum, we’ve got to get the tech data.”

Hamilton described AMC and DLA’s credibility as extremely high within the Defense Department “because we can deliver in most cases.” DLA earned its reputation for quickly, effectively supporting warfighters during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, he continued, and now both organizations must work with industry to further strengthen capabilities.


“We’ve got to break down the barriers and let industry know about the right investments they can make so they can get to the capacity we want,” Hamilton said.

He also warned the group of the dangers of contested logistics in which adversaries strike targets such as logisticians and planners supporting operations away from the battlefield. Skubic said DLA has a role in protecting against contested logistics.

“It’s about the work we’re doing behind the scenes and continuing to be transparent with each other and holding each other accountable, remembering that we – with industry – are the greatest strategic deterrent to our adversaries as they ponder taking us on,”

she said. Skubic added that auditability remains critically important, and the agency has a robust, step-by-step plan to achieve it.

“We know we’re part of your audit journey. We have to get our audit right for you to get your audit right, and we’re not taking that lightly,” Skubic emphasized.



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