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Our Publications

Armor & Mobility

A&M provides senior military leadership with the latest information and analysis on Multi-Domain Operations, covering key initiatives from Battlefield Readiness, Military Logistics, Manned & Unmanned Systems, Futures Command, Special Forces, Army Network, NGCV, FVL, AI.

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Combat & Casualty Care

Combat & Casualty Care focuses on the latest techniques in applied tactical combat casualty care (T3C) for trauma victims. From point-of-injury to life-sustaining treatment during transport, the publication addresses the full spectrum of care from field triage to surgical facility to long-term recovery and rehabilitation. As training remains a critical component of readiness.

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Armor & Mobility offers an effective way to reach DoD, We are the go to publication at the Pentagon.
TDM publications are bonus distributed at many KEY and small events throughout the year, AUSA GFS, Sea-Air-Space, SOFIC, LOA, MDM and AUSA annual meeting.
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Naval Power & Force Projection

Naval Power & Force Projection looks at existing capabilities and developmental programs intended to close the gap in vulnerabilities affecting U.S. Naval and Marine forces.

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Annual Tactical Gear Guide

The safety of Soldiers is a top priority of the Army’s modernization strategy, and the updated Soldier Protection System, or SPS, exemplifies that effort.

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Security & Border and CST/CBRNE

S&B and CST/CBRNE provides in-depth program updates from entities such as the USNGB, WMD-CSTs, HRF, CBIRF, and national, state, and local emergency first responders.  Analysis comes from experts representing the U.S. DHS, CBP, Joint PEO for CBRN Defense ECBC), as well as Joint/civil counter-CBRN incident and humanitarian response.

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