Weekly Defense Notes

In the interest of not being like every site and giving you a daily news round up, each Friday Guns Over Butter will try to publish a list of stories that interested us over the past seven days. The following is a shorter list than we expect in the future. Here’s to new beginnings…

-Army approves participation in AUSA Annual meeting in D.C.

-John Kerry is in Afghanistan to discuss a security pact with President Karzai. The Afghan president is interested in a mutual security treaty—much like a NATO obligation—but he has been notoriously difficult to deal with in the past. The agreement will be critical to U.S. and NATO planning over the coming years.

-Want more realistic combat training? Here’s a pilotless F-16 that will be used for target practice.

-Not exactly new, but this story on Fort Bliss’ effort to generate renewable energy proved an interesting read.

-The death toll in Syria. Finally, it appears there is reliable information on Syrian Army and government militia losses, which have been significant.

-Seen a liquid hydrogen–powered plane that can stay in the air for four days lately? It’s around… And Boeing wants to amp the Phantom Eye up to ten days of continuous flight. How’s that for persistent surveillance?

The Phantom Eye by Boeing is a UAV capable of staying loft for days. (Boeing)

The Phantom Eye by Boeing is a UAV capable of staying aloft for days. (Boeing)