Visual Acuity by Land, Sea, or Air

Trakka Systems, manufacturer of advanced multi-mission searchlights, class-leading gyro-stabilized cameras and innovative mapping/video management systems, delivers cost-effective critical mission management, low-risk and seamlessly integrated.

By Stacey Eddy, Director of Global Marketing & Communications

From S&B and CST/CBRNE, Winter/Spring 2020

Trakka System’s leading-edge active and passive sensors allow you to see, to save and protect, from law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency medical services, border security, civil protection, military intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and force protection, fire-fighting and paramilitary operations, to utility inspections and environmental surveys.

Trakka is the disruptive newcomer to the market providing the only Total Surveillance Solutions package — our innovative solutions are acknowledged globally for the value proposition they offer in an era of constrained budgets. This is backed by Trakka’s renowned focus on global customer support.

Total Surveillance Solutions

TrakkaCam TC-300 is a compact, high-performance, new-generation, single-LRU, ITAR-free multi-sensor surveillance system setting new standards for innovative ergonomic and industrial design. The system comprises a lightweight 300 mm gimbal with total mass less than 20 kilograms. It features high-performance, fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilization, and full 6-sensor payload suite comprising continuous zoom MWIR thermal imager, continuous zoom color HDTV and LLTV plus LRF, LI and LP. The system has an integrated IMU/GPS for geo-location, as well as an advanced real-time HD image processing engine for video tracking, image enhancement, and image blending.

TrakkaBeam TLX and TLXc is the latest model in Trakka’s range of high-intensity, high-power searchlights. Complementing the proven A800, TLX is a premier product offering more performance, features, and functionality in the same form-factor. TLX provides a massive 25 percent increase in light intensity across the beam while requiring an even lower power draw. With the characteristic Trakka full and uniform edge-to-edge light spread across the beam diameter, TLX leads the industry for total beam brightness, clarity and control.

TLXc also offers the industry-first optional dual sensor TI/TV co-located camera payload for enhanced day/night situational awareness. Coupled with the new LOS Inertial Hold feature, this means the TLXc greatly enhances day/night capabilities, especially for counter-terror missions where a dedicated camera system cannot be carried together with an armed reaction team.

Addressing Mapping Needs

TrakkaMaps TM-100 Mapping and Video Management System brings a new solution to mission management, at a fraction of the cost of conventional mapping systems. The TM-100 software runs on processors ranging from onboard computers to ruggedized tablets. It is easily customizable with both open-source and user-proprietary secure databases. TM-100 can slew a camera or searchlight line of sight to any point on the map, via pin touch, address, intersection, city, points of interest or coordinate entries.

TM-100 offers 3D, street, satellite and custom map views, with augmented reality overlays on live video imagery. It provides picture-in-picture, split screen, map-only or video-only viewing modes. Camera fields-of-view polygons are painted on the map and aircraft markers are dropped on the map, to record search areas and aircraft tracks. Ground vehicle speeds can be measured, and full mission recording is accomplished via video, audio, and metadata streamed over Ethernet.