A leading supplier of military-grade personal-use skin sanitizers, insect repellents, and topical pain relievers is helping to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus among our Servicemembers.

By JJ Agudelo PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, United Spirit of America

From S&B and CST/CBRNE, Fall 2020

For the past two decades, United Spirit of America, Inc. has developed essential preventive medicine products for the U.S. military. Amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, our products are at the forefront of the pandemic fight. The importance of illness prevention is a critical factor in military health and, as such, United Spirit of America’s line of Hand Sanitizers in 3,8 and 128 oz. our antifungal foot powder, our award winning sunscreens, our very effective insect repellents and pain relief roll-ons have become part of the daily process of keeping our soldiers in optimal readiness condition.

Let me ask you, what would it feel like if you knew that you and your team were “unbreakable” and you carry that in your mind, your heart, and in the deepest part of your soul? What if you know with absolute certainty, that you will always be healthy, strong, and unbeatable? We all dream of achieving that feeling of total control, freedom, and peace of mind. To be the best that we can really be, no matter the circumstances or the conditions that surround us.

But what does it really mean to be unbreakable?

The key to becoming unbreakable is rather simple, “control what you can control”, that is the trick to every challenge, every hurdle, and every problem. If you commit to keep yourself and your team healthy by preventing the arrival of illnesses, most of your battles would be just an execution of orders. Knowledge of what to do and what to use to keep your body strong, becomes the edge, the difference that keeps you ahead. The daily decisions that you take regarding your hygiene and your physical and mental fitness, are the small but significant steps to prevent pathogens and/or exposure to potentially harmful conditions. These decisions can be the difference between winning or losing.

Health as Your Greatest Weapon

It is not only about training, weapons, tactics, or intelligence…it is not even about physical fitness. Health is the starting point to become unbreakable, to be able to win every battle. Without health, nothing matters, nothing works. All training, state of the art weapons, the up to date intelligence, and learned tactics, are mostly useless when we are down, even by miniscule virus. How can we be so powerful and mighty, and at the same time, so vulnerable and weak? How can we be so prepared to take down an enemy force in the midst of battle, but be defeated by a tiny enemy we cannot see? Since only a “healthy soldier is a fighting soldier”, identifying what you need to avoid becoming ill due to sunburn, an insect bites, foot fungus, or even worse, a deadly virus, is where preventive medicine becomes key. In the case of a debilitating sunburn, what sunscreen should you use? If a mosquito bite can bring you serious, possibly lethal, illness, what insect repellent should you apply? If a fungus can eat the skin between your toes in a matter of days, what antifungal powder should you have at the ready? If touching bacteria infested and filthy surfaces can set you back, what hand sanitizer should you have to clean your hands?

To address these needs, United Spirit of America offers award winning sunscreens to prevent sunburn and skin cancer which are some of the most common preventable illnesses. Highly effective insect repellents based on IR3535. Antifungal foot powder to prevent and cure athletes’ foot and jock itch, two of the most common and insufferable illness that can take a strong healthy soldier and render him/her unable to perform. Hand Sanitizer with the optimum 70% alcohol level that kills viruses and germs without breaking your skin, and more.


It is in the little things that you can control that make you unbreakable, the small, healthy steps you can take, and choosing of specialized, quality products such as ours that will keep you ready for anything.

United Spirit of America is a direct USA manufacturer of preventive Medicine products. We hold a DLA DAPA contract SP0200-11-H-0034 where any military branch, agency or hospital can order through Owens & Minor (vendor 6516) or Cardinal Health (Supplier 117301) or by contacting us to govsales@usa-spirit.com.