Testimonial 345

November 7, 2017

On behalf of Chemeon Surface Technology, we would like to thank you for excellent advertising placement and a well-produced article surrounding the Hex Chrome issue affecting California and Global Plating Shops featured in the Summer issue of Naval Power & Force Projection.

Our advertising placement combined with our editorial coverage prompted unsolicited contact from multiple Prime contractors including a number of Depots across the U.S.

Our marketing goals required a truly laser focused approach to the OEM’s, Prime Specification Custodians, and Military decision-makers responsible for the transition away from Hex Chrome. Naval Power & Force Projection hit the mark.

The credibility of your publication combined with your reach and delivery provides Chemeon Surface Technology with a tangible return on our advertising investment.

Thank you, and keep up the quality work. We look forward to continued advertising programs with Naval Power & Force Projection.