Taking Medical Simulation to the Next-Level

Based in the heart of Kentucky, North American Rescue (NAR) Simulation engineers a broad spectrum of simulators that support training in realistic austere environmental conditions where operators deliver care.

By Adam Reading, North American Rescue, LLC

From Combat & Casualty Care , Q4 Winter 2021

North American Rescue (NAR) Simulation was founded with the goal of creating products that support warfighter training in the harsh environments that missions are typically performed. The equipment is engineered to function in extreme temperatures, endure rough handling, and provide an unparalleled level of realism. NAR Simulation independently researches and develops products based on detailed recommendations ranging from field educators, subject matter experts, project management offices, and most importantly, the end-user. Strategic partnerships with metal fabrication shops and silicone manufacturers / molders complements our in-house engineering team’s rapid prototyping capabilities. 

Broad Military Application

From our early years of research and development, NAR Simulation has dramatically expanded our product lines, engineering capabilities, and manufacturing techniques – firmly establishing NAR Simulation as the industry leader in full mission profile training simulators. Our products range from elementary part task trainers to complete simulation training centers equipped with human and canine trauma simulators, integrated virtual and augmented reality elements, force-on-force trainers, special effects machines, casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) platforms, and multi-room camera capture / debriefing capabilities. With thousands of simulators deployed around the globe, NAR Simulation products are essential training tools for our nation’s warfighters. 

Combat Casualty-Focused Capability

NAR Simulation supports military field training, civilian disaster response, and public safety teams for greater than 1,000 trainees annually.  Realistic depiction and treatment of traumatic injuries remains a critical element in preparing warfighters. Remote control operation of simulators enable cadre to remove student dependency on “over-the-shoulder” training injects (e.g., “the patient says he cannot breathe”). Simulators that respond to proper clinical interventions, such as tourniquet application, facilitate experiential learning that supports didactic theory.

Thousands of TOMManikins are deployed globally, as well as many helicopter simulators, to both continental U.S. (CONUS) and outside continental U.S. (OCONUS) locations. 

Targeted Needs Training

NAR Training, LLC (NAR Training) was founded to provide quality, relevant, evidence-based medical education and training to the DoD and other customers. NAR Training’s medical curricula comply with the principal concepts and clinical practice guidelines of the DoD’s Joint Trauma System for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and Prolonged Field Care (PFC). NAR Training regularly conducts medical training for military special operations units, including Prehospital Tactical Life Support (PHTLS) and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC).

NAR Simulation Mission Qualification Training Product Lines: 

  • Battlefield / environmental effects simulators
  • Clinical monitoring simulators & mixed reality equipment
  • Helicopter and fixed-wing CASEVAC simulators & aircraft and vehicle salvage simulators
  • Human and canine trauma simulators
  • Simulation training centers
  • Student biometric monitoring 

Looking Ahead

NAR Simulation is dedicated to listening to the boots on the ground end user for product development and improvement. Complex field training and scenarios require equipment engineered with outside the wire experience. Your training mission is our mission.