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Sustaining Fleet-Wide Weapons Readiness

From Naval Power & Force Projection, Winter 2017/18


Led by Rear Admiral Duke Heinz, Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support
(NAVSUP WSS), operating in Philadelphia, PA, Mechanicsburg, PA, and Norfolk, VA, is an innovative, award-winning organization, and a Department of Defense leader in areas such as performance-based logistics and use of digital information in a collaborative construct.

By Christian Sheehy, Editor


Access Granted

CUSV Textron unmanned vessel

Unmanned Surface Vessels Counter the Threat of Mines

By George Jagels

The U.S. Navy’s most talked about acquisition program, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), is, at $500 million per vessel, relatively inexpensive for a modern warship. With a crew ranging in size from 50 to 88, the LCS is designed to control coastal areas with speed, diverse mission packages, and shallow draft that destroyers and cruisers lack. Littorals, however, can be very dangerous, and U.S. adversaries are adjusting their strategies to deny access to them. Regardless of the LCS’ lower cost and smaller crew, the Navy does not want to put ships at risk in the face of asymmetric threats.