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Sustaining Fleet-Wide Weapons Readiness

From Naval Power & Force Projection, Winter 2017/18


Led by Rear Admiral Duke Heinz, Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support
(NAVSUP WSS), operating in Philadelphia, PA, Mechanicsburg, PA, and Norfolk, VA, is an innovative, award-winning organization, and a Department of Defense leader in areas such as performance-based logistics and use of digital information in a collaborative construct.

By Christian Sheehy, Editor


Delta Company’s Deactivation: What Does the Future Hold for USMC Tank Battalions?


An Exclusive Interview with Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Bodisch, Commanding Officer of 2nd Tank Battalion

By Josh Cohen

On Thursday, June 4th 2015, Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Bodisch presided over the deactivation ceremony for one of his battalion’s tank companies, an operational loss of fourteen M1A1 main battle tanks, leaving the 2nd Marine Division’s 2nd Tank Battalion able to field only three companies at any one time. (more…)