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Sustaining Lethal Relevance

From Armor & Mobility, March/April 2019 Issue

The U.S. Army faces similar challenges in sustaining electronics, communication and support equipment for Army weapon systems that are maintained for decades. Many of these weapon systems are past their original designed life expectancy with no set plans to decommission, which presents the Army with both financial and readiness challenges.

By Alissa T. (Rese) Stevens, Obsolescence Service Lead, U.S. Army Materiel Command


Tirelessly Pursuing Full Spectrum Readiness

From Armor & Mobility, August 2018 Issue

Whether it is providing humanitarian assistance, meeting threats, or performing air-to-air refueling, readiness is at the forefront of the mission of Air Mobility Command. Brig. Gen. John D. Lamontagne and Brig. Gen. Steven J. Bleymaier provide an update on the current efforts, including modernization, innovation, and talent retention.



From Armor & Mobility/August 2017 Issue

Armor & Mobility spoke recently with Lt. Col. Vince Zabala, Fuel Efficiency Program Manager, U.S. Air Mobility Command (AMC), regarding current Air Force challenges and initiatives relating to overall and platform-specific operational fuel usage and ways the Service is maximizing availability while minimizing cost.


Lt. Col. Vince Zabala