On-The-Move Communications Versatility

The latest in small, lightweight, and cost-efficient intercom system technology extends mission capability for any land, air, or maritime platform.

By Anita Olsen, Product Marketing Director, INVISIO

From Armor & Mobility, Fall 2021

The INVISIO Intercom system seamlessly integrates multiple communication radios or devices and users. This lightweight, small, and intelligent system is designed to be carried on-the-go or mounted directly onto any land, aircraft, or maritime platform. Users can connect and control communications with a full range of INVISIO control units and hearing protection headsets for both mounted and dismounted operations.

Flexible to Operational Needs Using INVISIO IntelliCable® technology, the system automatically detects and distinguishes between connected communication devices and connected users. IntelliCable® allows the system to easily flex between smaller vehicle platforms like the UTV or ISV and larger platforms like the Stryker, UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-47 Chinook, and from small to medium sized maritime vessels. The system is also compatible with existing or legacy intercom systems and capable of expanding the number of users connected to these networks.

Portable or Mounted

The Intercom system can be carried in a backpack and used by a group during transport in mobility platforms. The portable Intercom system is fast and easy to deploy – even into vehicles that often lack radio or inter-crew communication capabilities. Requiring very low operating voltage, the system is powered via battery packs, AC or DC power sources or even via USB.

Rated to withstand the shock, vibrations, g-force and extreme climate conditions, the Intercom system can also be mounted as a more permanent solution on mobility platforms. The small and lightweight size of the INVISIO Intercom helps increase payload within the platforms.

Customize the Way you Communicate

In addition to the physical products, INVISIO also provides their customers with the technology, tools, and training to ensure mission success. The INVISIO Configurator software allows for full customization of their intercom system and the way they want each user to communicate. This includes the ability to limit classified radio or device access to connected users or to perform system firmware or feature updates.

In addition to software solutions INVISIO also provides installation support, training courses, technical documents, system diagrams and e-learning tools for their customers worldwide. This allows users to maintain, diagnose and support the system wherever they are deployed.

“INVISIO body worn systems give users advantages in size, weight and capability,” said Nicholas Lafferty, VP of Mobility, INVISIO.  “We applied the same metrics for the INVISIO Intercom system and are driving to set the new standard for on-the-move communications. On the ground, or in any mobility platform, users can easily control and effectively communicate using a trained and proven platform system.”

Innovation and Industry

Innovations in technology and customer-driven product development have rapidly expanded INVISIO’s product capability and flexibility. INVISIO works in close collaboration with industry-, other communication equipment and vehicle manufacturers to ensure optimal performance in any operating environment.

About INVISIO Inc.
INVISIO Inc. is a market leader within advanced communication and hearing protection systems in North America. The company develops, manufactures, and sells state of the art integrated systems that enable professionals in mission critical and noisy environments to communicate and work effectively, while protecting their hearing. The systems give operational advantages, increased awareness for military, law enforcement, and security personnel while contributing to reducing the costs of hearing loss for individuals and society. INVISIO Inc. is a subsidiary of INVISIO AB.