Maximizing Comms Capability Support

Icom America, supplier of tactical communication products, introduces the first ever ATAK Plug-in family of radios: the F3400D/F4400D, F7010 (P25), SAT100, Dark Wolf Ventures SATCOM back haul device.

By Glenn Williams, Federal Solutions Manager, Icom America

From Armor & Mobility, June 2020

The F3400D/F4400D is either a UHF/VHF 5-watt radio that will handle messaging and PLI. The F7010 radio is our P25 radio (smallest P25 radio on the market) that will also do PLI and messaging. The SAT100, connected to the Iridium® satellite network, will also plug into ATAK allowing for PLI to show up on the map. The Dark Wolf Ventures back haul device will allow the PLI from the UHF/VHF radios to be back hauled to other locations in the world as long as you have the SAT100 connected via the Dark Wolf Ventures device, and cable and a connection with Iridium®. An Android tablet or phone can be either connected via Bluetooth® or a new smart PTT that was developed in conjunction with DEM Manufacturing (currently the SAT100 must be Bluetooth® only). This product will work either as a plug into ATAK (Mil or CIV version).

Situational Awareness

You can also use Icom America’s own stand-alone App called MMRIS developed in conjunction with Kopis Mobile. We are excited about our new ATAK plug-in product line. We plan to continue to add to this product line moving forward as our next update will be messaging and PLI over the P25 network, SAT100M (new mobile SAT PTT) as well as a new window 10 App. Something to look forward to coming out this fall.
Icom America Inc. believes this is a game changer with devices for an array of applications and happy to be part of the big picture with ATAK. Please keep your eyes open for new Icom products as we continue to move forward.

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