About Us

Tactical Defense Media (TDM) publications serve as a forum for ideas between the military, government, and private sector. In articles produced by a mix of professional writers and subject matter experts, readers can expect a mix of business intelligence, new technology analysis, requirements, and platforms, and examinations of the state of competitive production and fielding efforts directly from the Armed Services. TDM’s in-depth coverage of five subject areas and consistent presence at small and large defense industry trade shows has established the company as a well-known source of information in the defense sector, and we will continue being a valuable source of information and learning to DoD and DHS personnel, and the industry professionals who work with them, for years to come.

Company Background

Founded in 2009, Tactical Defense Media saw a need for a suite of niche magazines that went directly to the source—the Armed Services and their contractors—for the latest insights into technology, programs, and acquisition needs.

Thus began Armor & Mobility magazine, which focuses on armored vehicles, Special Operations Forces, and soldier equipment. The next year, we entered the military medicine arena with Combat & Casualty Care magazine, covering T3C and the latest life-saving devices. About the same time, TDM recognized a lack of coverage on Civil Support Teams, which provide WMD response capabilities, such as radiation detection, in the U.S. We began CST/CBRNE to emphasize the integral role they perform as the first on the scene, and have since combined it with Security & Border  magazine, which includes identifying the latest trends in homeland security.


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TDM has continued to expand despite military budget cuts and exhibition consolidations. We look forward to the continued growth of these publications as they remain a critical source of information for professionals across a diverse occupational spectrum.