TEMS – Bridging the TacMed Gap


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Police, firefighters, and paramedics are facing challenges that tactical medicine can address. Recently, C&CC attended a two-day training event to assess what civilian responders are learning – and how.  By Steve Melito (more…)

Critical Air in Casualty Care

SAROS (1) Carry Bag with content

Portable oxygen technology is now easier than ever to carry around on the battlefield. The SAROS Battlefield Oxygen System is a newly acquired device in the U.S. Army’s arsenal of life-sustaining equipment in combat. (more…)

Secure by Balloon


Matthew McNiel, Vice President of TCOM, a leading manufacturer of persistent surveillance technology, discusses the use of aerostats as a means of protecting national security interests at home and abroad. (more…)

Polaris Gets Contract for MRZRs

Polaris Defense Ultralight Family of Vehicles 6008

USSOCOM has awarded Polaris Defense a new, sole source, firm-fixed-price contract for the MRZR off-road vehicle platform and vehicle delivery started earlier this month. The $83 million, five year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, signed in July, continues delivery order options on MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 vehicles – along with contractor logistics support (CLS) for spares, training and support as part of the light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV) program. Since 2013, Polaris Defense has been delivering MRZR vehicles to USSOCOM under a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) against a GSA contract. (more…)

The Rirak – the latest in Automated UGV tech from Kairos Autonomi


Technology like the Robotic Applique Kit are the wave of the future for combat. The struggle to produce safe, effective, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) systems for the U.S. Military is at a fever pitch as many competing technologies and approaches strive to find a way around the fact that a “people sensor” does not yet exist. Until such a class of sensors exists with developed, proven software, viable autonomous systems will always be 5-10 years out. (more…)